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Virtual Vacuum is Maria Paz’s 3D motion studio and digital playground.

MariaPaz is a 3D Motion designer helping her clients get better visibility thorugh refined aesthetics and play

For many years I have had a consistent practice as an artist (known as Exotikdot) and designer, through a hybrid wide lens; I have deepened not only within the audiovisual, but also in other fields such as immersive installation, micro-optics, sculpture, light and sound. France, Belgium, Colombia, Denmark, Sweden and Spain are countries where I have lived and worked, making adaptability and fast learning some of my biggest strengths.  


Passionate about representing sensations, I aim my 3D motion designs to become a medium for emotional connections between brands and their clients.  I can help my clients get more visibility, by offering eye-catching, refined and playful motion design that captivates attention, in order to stand out with style.  


When I am not at the studio, I am either being a mom, practising hot yoga, playing with my synths or trying out new food in sunny Barcelona, where I am actually based, while working anywhere in the world.  


Drop me a line at, I would love to help! 


Animation (both classic and dynamics based), modelling, texturing, concept development, storytelling, design, direction, post-production, lighting design, sound design.


Cinema 4D, Adobe Creative Suite, Ableton Live, Rhino.



I received an Honorary Mention for the Collide Award 2021 and became part of their featured artist community.


About my guest artist stay at CERN (Geneva, Switzerland) following the Collide Award.  


An interview about an edible light installation I did together with Ami Izaki in Stockholm (Sweden) for Underverk’s season 2


An article about a group exhibition I participated, as part of Tartu light Festival 2021 (Tartu, Estonia), featuring my work (in Estonian)


Article about an Installation work presented at File Festival (São Paulo, Brazil), previously commissioned for Tokyo Wonder Site (Tokyo, Japan)

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