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3D Motion & Sound Design

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Virtual Vacuum is Maria Paz’s 3D motion studio and digital playground.

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Drop me a line at, I would love to help! 

For many years I have had a consistent practice as an artist (known as Exotikdot) and designer, through a hybrid wide lens and led by the experiential aspect of creative work.  I have deepened not only within the audiovisual, but also in other fields such as immersive installation, micro-optics, interactive sculpture, light, and sound. France, Belgium, Colombia, Denmark, Sweden and Spain are countries where I have lived and worked, making adaptability and fast learning some of my biggest strengths.  

Passionate about representing sensations, I aim for my design service to become a medium for solid emotional connections between brands and their clients.  I can help my clients on nurturing those connections through refined, polished and playful 3D motion+sound design that targets the senses, transcends the virtual and focuses on the human experience. 

And  if your needs require blending the digital with the physical, I get to wear all my hats and offer you full expertise! 

When I am not at the studio, I am either being a mom, practicing yoga, playing with my synths, or trying out new food in sunny Barcelona, where I am actually based, while working anywhere in the world.


Art direction, design, CGI, animation, sound design, concept development, dynamic simulations, storytelling,

post-production, immersive installation.


Maria Paz (aka Exotikdot and Director at Virtual Vacuum) wins Honorary Mention Collide Award 2021

I received an Honorary Mention for the Collide Award 2021 and became part of their featured artist community.

About Maria Paz’s (aka Exotikdot and Director at Virtual Vacuum) guest artist stay at CERN

About my guest artist stay at CERN (Geneva, Switzerland) following the Collide Award.  

Maria Paz (aka Exotikdot and Director at Virtual Vacuum) makes an edible light installation for Underverk with Ami Izaki

An interview about an edible light installation I did together with Ami Izaki in Stockholm (Sweden) for Underverk’s season 2

Maria Paz (aka Exotikdot and Director at Virtual Vacuum) participates in group exhibition at Tartu ight festival 2021

An article about a group exhibition I participated, as part of Tartu light Festival 2021 (Tartu, Estonia), featuring my work (in Estonian)

Maria Paz (aka Exotikdot and Director at Virtual Vacuum) performs at FILE Festival

Article about an Installation work presented at File Festival (São Paulo, Brazil), previously commissioned for Tokyo Wonder Site (Tokyo, Japan)


Inti Velez Botero gives a testimonial about what it is like to work with Maria Paz from Virtual Vacuum

"We were commissioned by Louis Vuitton the travelling sculpture for the launch of their new Fragrance “Coeur Battant”.  It was an immense challenge as it needed to travel to many cities with very different technical specifications: Naples, Paris, London, New York and Shanghai.  We hired Maria to develop the internal luminaire of the sculpture, the beating heart of it all.  The reason we hired her is for her incredible creativity and her domaine in the tech world in order to fulfill all the briefings, the creative and the technical one.  Maria´s work was sharp, precise and impeachable. The campaign was a success."

Inti Velez Botero 

Founder and Producer at Wanda Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain  

Souzan Youssouf gives a testimonial about what it is like to work with Maria Paz from Virtual Vacuum

"Maria is the go to person when you need fun and experimental ideas that give your brand that unique touch. She has long experience of working with international brands and will deliver high quality designs capturing the essence of the brand in question.  She is very easy to work with and is the person you want in your creative team. She is great at brainstorming ideas, giving and receiving feedback and delivers on time with high quality in everything she does".

Souzan Youssouf

Former Design Manager at Rolling Optics 

Stockholm, Sweden

Claudia Adeath gives a testimonial about what it is like to work with Maria Paz from Virtual Vacuum

"Working with Maria was a new experience. She listens attentively and her experience is notorious when her proposals combine dreams, needs and limitations to create fantastic works."

Claudia Adeath 

Project Manager at Ckultura 

Copenhagen, Denmark 

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