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3D Motion & Sound Design


Direction, design, sound and motion by Virtual Vacuum

Music by Gregor Quendel / 

Welcome to Virtual Vacuum! 

A special spot in the infinite digital multiverse for 3D motionCGI and sound design.

Virtual void of endless possibilities! By simulating the laws of our physical world, magic happens, and our senses are evoked.  Aiming to represent the human experience in the digital realm.  Sensations are all we need in order to generate connections!

"Maria is the go to person when you need fun and experimental ideas that give your brand that unique touch. She has long experience of working with international brands and will deliver high quality designs capturing the essence of the brand in question.  She is very easy to work with and is the person you want in your creative team. She is great at brainstorming ideas, giving and receiving feedback and delivers on time with high quality in everything she does".

Souzan Youssouf

Former Design Manager at Rolling Optics 

Stockholm, Sweden

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