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Client: Self-initiated

Year: 2023

Credits: Concept, direction, design and motion by Virtual Vacuum
                Music by Coma Studio

Challenge: Use dynamics in order to inflate objects of differents textures as well as to control their position in the composition. 


The idea of this project is to represent the sensation of lightness which gets constrained.  Different elements coexist as part of the same entity, while each one of them expands in their own way following their own nature/shape.  Their inflation is restricted  by a structure which imprisons them, keeping them together in a fragile group state that threatens to break apart anytime. 


Togetherness, detachment, diversity, restraint

Sado Soft Final result 


This moving composition is entirely made with dynamics, through parameters that decide several forces: A main force that attracts them together, the force that inflates each one of the elements to a certain point, and the zero gravity which helps everything float.  There had to be many trials in order to find a balance between all these forces, being the most common case to have one or more of the elements escape the dodecahedron structure.  The goal was to keep them all in, in order to be consequent with the concept.     

Viewport sequence with the final dynamics balance


This project was useful for explorations of different kinds of advanced materials.  Since expressing the individuality of each element was important, contrast was an essential factor.  Jelly, denim, latex, different types of textiles and even human skin, are some of the materials that I tested in the composition, as well as different combinations of them.  

Some of the material/texture and composition tests.  Sometimes it is about a slight change in the properties of a material, sometimes more radical changes are required by the composition.  Some textures are given a good try until they are completely discarded, like the red beet jelly one.  (Open to see more in detail)


Absolut Demist.  3D Motion and Sound Design by Virtual Vacuum
Sadosoft.  3D Motion and Sound Design by Virtual Vacuum

This composition needed to have a 360º angle look, so instead of having the entire element rotating, I decided to rotate the camera instead, on a circular axis moving around the composition.  


Four upper sources of light and two lower ones  were placed  in order to cover all the angles, with subtle variations of angle and colour temperatures.  

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